Product Description:

The quality of an oil filter is determined by three key parameters:
Fineness of filtration
Completeness of filtration
Dust capacity
Fineness of filtration:
The fineness of filtration of an oil filter measures the ability of a filter to remove particles at the micron size. Some filter companies advertise capacity of 5 microns, however, filtering particles under 20 microns can cause significant hydraulic resistance to filtration, as these particles will clog the filter extremely quickly. The most dangerous contaminants in oil are particles that are sized over 30-45 microns, leading to significant abrasive wear if left unfiltered. With this in mind, the most effective filter should have a capacity to remove contaminants from 25-30 microns and above. A lower fineness will lead to filter clogging, whilst a higher fineness will result in damaging contaminants being unfiltered.

Completeness of filtration:
Completeness of filtration is correlated with the filtration capacity, and gives an indication of the percentage of dust particles that can be captured by the filter.

Dust capacity:
Dust capacity is determined by the amount of dust / contaminants that the filter is able to hold, while maintaining moderate hydraulic resistance. The dust capacity defines the lifespan of the filter, and the replacement interval. The accumulation of contaminants in the filter element will result in gradual clogging, and an increase in the hydraulic resistance of the filter. As the hydraulic resistance begins to increase, the filter loses its ability to filter the oil, the oil pressure in the filter rises and the bypass valve opens to relieve the pressure.
The dust capacity of a filter is highly dependent on the weight and surface area of the filter medium. A higher specific gravity of filter material and a greater surface area results in a greater dust capacity value, and therefore a longer service life. Leading filter manufacturers use folding technologies to effectively achieve larger surface areas of the filtration paper.